The Seer of Light
hey rose! so how are you fitting in here... also just an a FYI my dad's been on your roof of.. wherever this is... all night.

I’m fitting in quite well. He’s been on my roof? I don’t see how that makes sense. What would he be doing up there?

Good evening.

I’m thinking of moving my account elsewhere.

I need to go.

I’ll see you all tomorrow.

"If you were my girlfriend/boyfriend…" finish it in my ask.


do it. c:

I’ll regret this later…

Zeke: I got back earlier than I thought, so I got to go and see her for a little bit. That was nice.

See you later then.

Zeke: Well, thanks.

No problem at all. If my friend is happy, then I can’t complain.

((well, my internet screwed up, so I'm not sure if it sent correctly)) Zeke: Well, it's not something that you should know right away, but...oh, screw it, Jade and I are dating.

Congradulations. I wish you the best of happiness.

Zeke: Yeah, there was some other guy here...Dave, I think his name was. Never really talked to him. Also, there's something else but...I'm not sure if I should mention it, since I just met you.

(( Don’t worry, I got your last ask. Sometimes, I respond slow. )) Yes, Dave is another one of my friends… What is this ‘something else’? Should I know about it?

Zeke: Oh, you must be Jade's friend! She's told me some things about you...well, not really, just that you hadn't shown up yet.

Yes, she is my friend. Jade is here already? It seems that almost everyone is, now.

Zeke: No, actually. I came from an "infected" Earth. The name's Zeke. You are?

My name is Rose. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Apparently, this area is inhabited mainly by ponies who originally lived somewhere else. That is rather strange.